TÜV SÜD Field Inspected Projection Spot Welder

General Information

This machine was designed to meet the more stringent electrical requirements introduced in the new NFPA 79:2018 electrical codes, and ever increasing safety demands of OSHA and Nationally Recognized Testing Labs (NRTLs) like UL, TUV, CEA, and ETL.
This machine will ship with a TÜV SÜD field label sticker, as well as a Verification Letter to the NFPA 79 standard.
  • Assumes all safety critical components have appropriate certifications and are appropriately listed as required.
  • Manuals, BOM, and electrical drawings are provided electronically for each unit to be labeled.

This machine is a Projection Welder, based on our PRPP design.

The PRPP is our full size model press, RWMA size “2”.

  • 24″ standard throat depth
  • 120KVA with 25kA max short circuit amperage
  • 5″ (127mm) bore weld cylinder generating 1900lbsf @ 100PSI (845daN @ 7bar)
  • Fixed Retractable weld cylinder (non-adjustable), 3″ retract with 2″ weld stroke
  • Weld Control: WTC/Medar 4001 control, 1650A SCR, constant current, 250A built in circuit protection, QPS Field Evaluation sticker, remote DEP600 pendant
  • Constant current, for programming amperage and getting the same current at every weld
  • Unitrol SoftTouch safety system for press welders with retract protection and timed bypass switch, proximity switch detection of air cylinder
  • Electronic Air, includes WTC analog I/O board, transducer, and volume booster kit for programming pressure into select weld schedules.
  • Water Flow Switch included
  • Water-Saver system automatically shuts off water when the machine is not in use, turns water on when welder is in use.  Includes timer, valve, and relay.
  • Quick-disconnect fittings on electrode holders, color-coded water lines (hot/cold)
  • Forklift pockets included on frame
  • Stainless steel hardware on secondary loop
  • Axillary A, B, C selector 3-position switch, for quick access to three weld schedules.
  • TUV field inspection of Press Projection spot welder model #PRPP-120-24-460-1-WTC41 to NFPA 79, with field label sticker and Verification Letter.
  • Machinery Gray Lite (RAL 7035)
  • Inspected at our location in St. Paul, MN
  • Designed and build in the USA, from products made in the USA

Power Requirements

  • 460V/60Hz/1-phase
  • effective continuous primary current : 184A
  • cable size : 2/0 **Size is expressed in AWG or MCM copper conductor and is based on a 100
    foot run in non-magnetic conduit with cables in contact and absorbing 5% voltage drop maximum at 30% power factor. Cable NEMA type RH, RUH, 75C insulation or equiv. used at 30C max. For runs longer than 100 feet, please contact manufacturer.
  • 250A built-in circuit breaker

Capabilities (per AWS/RWMA standards; AWS C1.1M/C1.1 Recommended Practices…)

  • galvanized steel sheet: 0.078″ + 0.078″ (2mm + 2mm)
  • low carbon mild steel sheet, class A: 0.135″ + 0.135″ (3.5mm + 3.5mm)
  • stainless steel sheet: 0.078″ + 0.078″ (2mm + 2mm)

Fastener capabilities

  • M12 mild steel studs
  • M12 mild steel nuts

Note: Any modifications to this machine specification will negate TÜV SÜD field certification.

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