Bar Stock, Copper Alloys

General Information

Copper and it’s alloys provide the greatest balance of conductivity and abrasion resistance, as it relates to resistance welding. It is for this reason that copper is so widely used on quality production resistance welding equipment.

As such, Spot Weld, Inc. has a unique understanding of them.

We sell rounds, squares, hexagons, rectangles, hollow bars, plates, and custom shapes.

Key Features

110 (Pure Copper)
With a minimum copper content of 99.9%, Alloy 110 has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, as well as high formability. It is ideal for use in welding applications such as bus bars and connectors. Not heat treatable.

C18200 (Class II)
Class 2 Alloy is a superior resistance welding electrode material specifically recommended for high level production spot and seam welding of clean mild steel, low alloy steel, low conductivity brasses and bronzes.

Suitable for projection welding dies, seam welder shafts and bearings, flash and butt dies and current carrying structural members.

Available as high strength and high electrical conductivity castings for welder arms, welder platens and secondary structural members. Class 2 is also heat treatable.

C17510 (Class 3 Beryllium)
Class 3 Alloy is specifically recommended for projection welding dies, flash and butt welding dies, current carrying shafts and bushings. As castings, Class 3 Alloy (having higher strength than Class 2), is recommended for heavily loaded welder structural current carrying members and heavy duty offset electrode holders.

Class 3 Alloy is generally recommended for spot welding and seam welding steels having high electrical resistance, such as stainless steels. The Class 3 Alloy is heat treatable.

C18000 (Class 3 Beryllium Free)
Beryllium Free Copper (180000) meets the mechanical requirements of RWMA Class 3 Copper. Because of the hazards of Beryllium Poisoning due to machining or grinding, Beryllium Free Class 3 copper is available as an alternative. C1800 is a heat treatable copper alloy.

Specialty Alloys:

  • Glidcop
  • Elkonite
  • Elkaloy
  • Tungsten (Pure)

Please contact us to learn more about which alloy is right for your application.

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