Bench Top Welders

General Information

Perhaps the most adaptable of all of our line of spot welders is the Rapco bench-top style welder. This design allows for nearly limitless configurations, both custom application purpose built, or for general shop use.

Key Features

  • Rapco Style Single Point – The Single Point Rapco is the cornerstone of the Rapco line. If you are seeking a compact, adaptable, economical bench top welder, this is your machine.  These are often paired with equipment on an assembly line, where the welder is performing the same operation 24/7.
    • 6″ throat depth
    • 30-120KVA 1-phase AC welding, up to 170KVA Inverter welding
    • sturdy steel frame (can be ordered without base)
    • tooling can be easily customized for a specific job



  • Rapco Four Point – The Rapco Four Point is a way to perform welds around the diameter of a tube, all at the same time. Many automotive parts today are made on this type of machine. This greatly increases the rate and accuracy of radial welds.





  • Rapco Six Point – The Rapco Six Point is similar to the Four Point, except offers a greater number of welds. This has become the industry standard for bulkhead fittings, exhaust assemblies, and for tack welding radial seam welds.

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