Combination Press Projection Welders

General Information

Press Spot / Projection welders use the same round arm design as the Press Spot welders, but have a lower knee like the projection welders. This gives you the versatility of a Press Spot, and the simple setup of a Projection welder.

Combination Press Spot / Projection welders differ from Rocker Arm welders in that the upper ram comes down in a linear fashion. With a Rocker Arm style welder, the welding electrodes effectively rotate into place.  A Press Spot is ideally suited for fasteners and studs, because of this linearly descending action.

Some instances where a Combination Press Spot / Projection welder excels:

  • Reaching into tight spaces, but with higher required electrode force
  • Welding studs or weld nuts
  • Projection welding (for heavier projection welding, see Projection Welders)
  • Frequent tooling change-overs are necessary

Spot Weld, Inc. offers two sizes of press spot welders, to optimize size and expense.

The CPP is our full size model press, RWMA size “2”.

  • 24″ standard throat depth (can be ordered from 12” – 36”)
  • 75KVA standard with 21kA max short circuit amperage;  (can be ordered with 30-150KVA, we can install any transformer to suit)
  • 4″ (102mm) bore air cylinder, generating 1200lbsf @ 100PSI (534daN @ 7bar)
  • CNC machined, 99.99% pure copper support for the upper and lower ø2-1/2” diameter arms
  • 5RW standard 1-1/4″ diameter ejector-style electrode holders
  • The lower knee design has about 10” of vertical adjustment, allowing the deepest of parts to fit within the throat of the machine
  • New in 2017, the whole upper ram attaches to the frame on t-slots, greatly increasing the adjustability and overall rigidity of the frame
  • Robust frame design
  • Adjustable lower arm can swivel left & right, for even the most unusual tooling design
  • Fully adjustable knee support allows greater rigidity for heavier gages of metal, but can be easily removed for welding tubes, tanks, pipes, HVAC ducts
  • Robust roller bearing pillow blocks
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Precision air system
  • Exclusive use of copper core, water cooled transformers
  • All copper is a minimum 99.9% pure, or RWMA class
  • Designed and build in the USA