About Us

Your application is our business,
let us be your welding engineer.

Since 1973 Spot Weld Inc. has brought together experienced people, state of the art technology, and the latest techniques and materials to achieve excellence in all types of welding applications.

Spot Weld Inc. offers new and remanufactured welding equipment, as well as all of your resistance welding supply needs. We sell spot welders, projection welders, rocker arm welders, butt welders, seam welders, bench welders, gun welders, 3 phase welders, miniature and micro welders, special application machines, tooling and special fixturing. We also offer a full line of consumables including electrodes, caps, shanks, and holders. In addition we offer weld controls, chillers, coolers and other peripheral equipment.

We specialize in fitting your welding needs to the proper welding equipment.

Training Classes

If you are welding steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, or exotic materials such as inconel or titanium we can provide you the proper welding equipment. Spot Weld offers in-plant training for your employees, in both classroom format and on the shop floor.

Ready To Assist

Our staff carefully monitors your order throughout the estimating, planning, designing, and manufacturing process. We guarantee our machine to weld to your specifications. Use our reference guide to get started. Spot Weld would like to help you with your welding application.