Special Application Machinery

General Information

When your machinery needs grow beyond something that can be found in a catalog, Spot Weld, Inc. has been the resource upon which hundreds of companies rely.

Spot Weld, Inc. has been designing and building custom solutions for resistance welding for decades.  We can provide turnkey automated solutions for your high volume production runs.

Some examples of projects we have designed and built:

  • 6-axis servo positioning systems
  • X-Y tables
  • pick-and-place material handling
  • 12ft diameter and multi-position dial tables
  • 24-gun serpentine welder
  • 9-head grid welders
  • automated pass-thru seam welders
  • expanded metal filter welders
  • hollow-core steel door weld lines
  • 90″+ diameter HVAC spiral pipe and gore welders
  • fully automated wire mesh welders with autofeed
  • cut-to-length lines
  • annular ring and fusite welders

Whether it be simple tooling, adding nut feeders, PLC machinery feedback, inline torque testing, live tensile testing, adding safety or Quality Control systems, Spot Weld, Inc. has seen it all.  We would be pleased to help you improve your process with fresh ideas and the latest in technology.  Simply send us your specifications, drawings, or sample parts, and we can help you develop a process for new projects, or to improve production rates and quality on existing projects.

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