Butt Welders

General Information

B-Rite welders are fully automated for “T” and butt welding joints.  These are best suited for larger applications, or high volume applications.

The Spot Weld, Inc. Butt Welder is a unique, robust, rigid design intended for high force and high duty cycle industrial applications. It is adaptable for multiple types of tooling, and can be rebuild with standard off-the-shelf parts. It can be put on casters for cut-to-length lines, can be used for resistance heating, and can weld multiple types of cross-sections.Typical applications are joining straight wire or tubing, hot upset welding, welding circular or “D” rings, and “T” welds.

Our standard model is 50KVA, but it can be ordered with a 30-100KVA, based on the application.  This machine has pneumatic clamps and a pneumatic upset cylinder that is operated with a solid-state weld controller.  Initiation is with an OSHA approved footswitch.

The tooling is replaceable, and can be made custom to match the profile of your welding application.  Round, square, rectangular or otherwise shaped solid or tubing profiles are all available.

The welders can be ordered on casters or v-wheels, to be easily slid in and out of a continuous wire straightener or when spool joining is required.

All parts are built of heavy steel plate and CNC machined.  We use recirculating ball bearing cars and precision rails for the upset welding action, for highest precision and repeatability.

A B-Rite welder excels when:

  • Welding any “T” or butt joint
  • Joining spools of heavy wire
  • Joining straight wire
  • High precision tooling is required
  • Frequent tooling change-overs are necessary

Key Features

  • CNC machined internals
  • Rigid welded steel frame
  • Fully automatic operation, air operated
  • Water cooled tool holders, as well as transformer and SCR
  • Clamping dies operated by independent air cylinders
  • Easy adjustment and fast set up and change-over
  • Eight cam followers guide the ram, for precision, reliability, and repeatability
  • Adjustable weld upset limiter
  • Die space adjustment
  • Precision air system
  • Exclusive use of copper core, water cooled transformers
  • All copper is a minimum 99.9% pure, or RWMA class
  • Designed and build in the USA
  • Annealing function available

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