Quick-Ship Welders

General Information

Spot Weld, Inc. is a distributor for two brands of imported equipment that both have a strong foothold in the US market.  They are most often in stock and ready to ship.
The Tecna line, imported from Italy, has beaten all the domestic competition with their economical, yet high quality line of small rocker arm welders and presses.  The equipment is well supported and parts are readily available in North America and worldwide.  Please click here to go to our dedicated Tecna page.

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Dengensha North America imports their equipment from Japan.  They have been supporting the automotive industry in the US with robotic weld guns and nut feeding equipment for decades.  They now have an economical line of press welders that are often in stock and ready to ship.  These are best suited for welding small fasteners, such as M6 and M8 weld nuts, as well as other long-term single-setup projects.  The lower knee is welded to the frame, limiting adjustability but creating a rigid frame in a small package.

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