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PressRite Press Spot Welders

Spot Weld’s PressRite Press Spot Resistance Welder uses a solid copper casting to support the lower ø2-1/2” diameter arm. The lower arm design has about 10” of travel, allowing the deepest of parts to fit within the throat of the machine. A fully adjustable knee support allows greater rigidity for heavier gages of metal, but can be easily removed for welding tubes, tanks, pipes, HVAC ducts, or anything else that needs to go over the lower arm. The lower casting is allowed to swivel on it’s vertical copper post, which allows for using offset electrodes and greater versatility. Throat depths range from 12” – 36” (at 6” increments) standard. Should you need a greater reach than that, please contact us for details.  

PressRite Press Spot Welders

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PressRite Press
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Rite Press Spot Welders


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