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Micro Welders

About micro welders

SWI - Spot Weld, Inc. makes its own bench-top micro welder for thin foil applications, and small assemblies. These are single-phase spot welders using standard AC controls, SCR’s, and up to 5KVA transformers. These are perfect for simple, inexpensive, “low-tech” welding.

Miyachi - For our customers in the medical device field, printed circuit board industries, or any other industry requiring the very highest amount of control, repeatability, and feedback, we are a distributor and integrator of the full line of Miyachi products.

Sunstone - When seeking a welder for the assembly of small electronics, battery tabs, laboratory work, medical devices, or other projects that do not require high-frequency inverter welding (and the expenses associated with it), we offer a brand of economical Capacitive Discharge welders.

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Micro Welder Micro Welder Micro Welder Micro Welder
Micro Welder Micro Welder Micro Welder Micro Welder