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resistance welding

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How To Order

Ordering Example

Ty = machine type (PRPS, PRPP, RR, BR, PRDH, BT, HD-PRPP, HD-RR)

k = machine KVA

v = primary voltage (230V & 460V common in USA, 575V in parts of Canada, 380V in parts of Asia / Pacific)

Th = throat depth, the distance to the first obstruction in the machine (typically in 6 inch increments: 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”...)

p = phase (either single-phase or three-phase)


PRPP=PressRite Press Spot, PRPS=PressRite Press Projection, RR=RockerRite, BR=B-Rite,
PRDH=PressRite DualHead, BT=BenchTop, HD-PRPP=Heavy Duty PressRite Press Projection,
HD-RR=Heavy Duty RockerRite
KVA=kilo*Volt*amps (equivalent to kilo-Watts or kW)