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resistance welding

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Welding Accessories

We are always available to help you select the resistance welding accessories that you need. 

We also have a large selection of resistance welding supplies in stock:
Electrodes, caps, shanks, holders, tip dressing tools, cables, shunts, seam weld wheels, reamers, tip grease, and Lonconite grease.

We supply products from all the major brands of resistance welding suppliers.

We offer resistance welding class materials as well, in all shapes and sizes: Copper bar stock, Class I, II, and III, Elkonite, and Glidcop.

We also sell many varieties of chillers, and water recirculators, as well as force gages.

We have a large supply of transformers, both new and remanufactured, in stock. Our stock changes constantly. Please call for availability.

We also have a programable 3-axis CNC capable of meeting any of your special tooling needs.